Festive Footsies

The Solid Sock group on Ravelry is dedicated to all socks created using solid or semi-solid colours.  December’s colours are red, blue and green and as I could join in without buying new yarn (I found some lovely red yarn in the bargain bin at John Lewis last month) I couldn’t resist.

After searching through my queue (53 socks!) and finding nothing that worked with the colour or really appealed to the sock knitting mood I’m in, I decided to try my hand at designing my own. A frugal decision which is more than welcomed this month. I also used my new copy of Harmony Stitch Guide Knits and Purls, which was almost frugal as I picked it up on sale. In fact, I think these will the cheapest socks I’ve ever knit!

Swatch for new design

The design might not be festive but the vibrant red feels Christmas-sy enough to me so I’ve named the project ‘Festive Footsies‘. The picture shows just the cabled panel I swatched, and I’m really liking it so far. Intricate enough to keep me interested while being simple enough that I should easily memorise the repeat. The last socks I made were Ellington and while I loved making them they were a bit time consuming. I want faster socks this time!   :)


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