DIY Sock Blockers

Socks don’t really need blocking. That’s what feet are for. However, few socks will need it, especially lace ones and if something squiffy happened while being knit that needs to be straightened out via blocking. Sock blockers aren’t too expensive, I’ve seen some at £14 and for a pair of lovely wooden blockers that’s a good price. My problem is that my budget isn’t grand and I could also spend that £14 on yarn and when the choice is between blockers that I can manage without and yarn well, yarn will win every time!

Now, however, I won’t need to manage without or buy less yarn!

I made my DIY Sock Blockers using the instructions found at CyberSeams: How to Make Your Own Sock Blockers.

DIY Sock Blocker

Foam sheets are recommended, however, I was foamless so I used cardboard (but I figure with enough cling film they too will be waterproof enough for damp socks). There are templates for a variety of different sizes and handy lines to indicate where you can either lengthen or shorten the blockers (mine are lengthened to 10″ which is why they look a little long in the picture!). Despite the range of diameters I still had to adjust the diameter slightly to get the perfect fit for my socks but that was easily done.

All I need do is finish the sock below and I can take my blockers on a test run. :)

Sock In Progress


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