Testing Times

Currently on my needles is a test knit for Maerchen on Ravelry (you can see her other designs here, I like the fun ‘Dumber Than Snake Mittens’!)

The pattern I’m testing is Firstfall, a mitten with a reversible cable panel that using flaps converts into a fingerless glove (I’ll link to the pattern when it becomes available). With the freezing weather the UK has been experiencing lately I’ve thought more than once that even though I love my fingerless gloves, maybe the extra warmth from gloves or mittens would be better. These mittens should offer the best of both worlds as well as being ever so pretty, so I didn’t hesitate to volunteer to test these!

I toyed with the idea of giving these away to someone, I do have more than enough pairs of fingerless gloves. But I don’t have any convertible ones and every wardrobe needs a pair of convertible gloves, right?

I’m almost up to the hand flap right now and I’m hoping I’ll finish a mitten tonight but here’s how it looked earlier today:

Firstfall Test Knit

The colour is off, it’s a brighter purple in real life, but today has been so completely dull I gave up trying to get an accurate colour. Mastering my camera and photo editing software is something else I’ll have to endeavour this year. :)


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