Hot Swatch

I’ll be honest, I tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to swatching. I’m often too eager to start a project to be concerned with a 4″x4″ swatch that I’ll have to wait for it to dry. Sometimes I can get away with it as after knitting 14 socks I can be fairly confident of what my gauge will be on 2.25mm needle using sock weight yarn. Other times I’ll reluctantly knit a swatch just large enough to work out my stitches per inch.

Just like this one:


I’m using this pretty stitch pattern for my new hot water bottle cover, I’d had my previous cover since I was little and it was definitely in need of being replaced. The new cover is very nearly completed (pictures coming soon!) and I’m also thinking I’ll probably write the pattern up. It’s a quick knit and a good way to practice fair isle techniques as the stitch pattern is relatively simple with no more than two colours per row.


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