Finished Fairfall Gloves

Here are the lovely (and now completed) gloves I test knit for Maerchen on Ravelry:

Fingerless Glove

Although with the prediction of more cold weather at the end of the week I think I’ll likely be wearing them like this:


I love the design of these, the reversible panel means they look good both as fingerless gloves and mittens. Plus, there’s no buttons or velcro to contend with when you want to quickly move from enclosed to free fingers. They’re so snuggly and warm, even when worn as fingerless gloves due to the double layer from the flap and the garter stitch palm.

I’m know as a tester I’m probably biased, but I think the pattern is also very well written and clear. I made only one modification which was to add 4 extra rows to the hand and hand flap sections to accommodate my slightly longer fingers. If you’re looking for a good convertible mitten/glove I’d definitely recommend these! :)

The colour in the photo’s isn’t quite accurate, the purple yarn actually leans more to the red side of the spectrum than the blue but it was the best I could achieve with my camera on a dull day like today.


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