Neglected Neon

Isn’t it sad when projects are left to dwell, neither finished or frogged, condemned to a pointless existence? I think so, and I really try not to do it, although several of my projects will beg to differ. Especially ones like my Neon socks (Ravelry link) which according to Ravelry, I started in February of last year.

In Progress...

The yarn is 50/50 Neon from The Knitting Goddess, it’s made up of two 50g skeins, one the reverse of the other . I originally had an ambitious idea of combining the colours so that the sole is green and the top of the sock is blue. It didn’t quite work out and I ended up with significant ladders between the colours which landed the project in Time Out.

However, I’m determined to try and finish this project. Although it’s tempting to give up on my original idea and just knit a regular pair of socks I’m going to have another attempt. So a couple of days ago I ripped back to correct a few wrong cables on the leg and added another repeat to the leg. I did the heel flap again and yesterday I redid the heel turn. I eagerly picked up the gusset stitches as I worked out how to set it up for intarsia in the round but after knitting for several rounds with my metaphorical fingers crossed for no ladders… disaster struck. I found I was missing a stitch. There should be 36 stitches across the top of the foot and somewhere within 4 rounds I’ve lost one and I can’t see where!

So I’m slowly tinking back, hoping I find it without having to rip back to the start of the heel flap again.

So. Frustrating. Those regular socks are looking more and more appealing…


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