A Very Long Term Project

One square at a time this sock yarn blanket has been slowly growing for about 8 months now and is roughly a third done. I’m currently thinking 33 strips with a solid colour border of some kind, but who knows, I may make it bigger.

Sock Blanket

I decided to make two identical halfs which I’ll join them together with a single strip in the middle. This reduces the number of colours choices I make, because while it might seem random I do carefully choose which colour comes next. I try to avoid too many solid colours coming together and too many dark or light colours getting grouped together. I also have a colour theme of purples and pinks. There’s a lot of different colours but each square has at least a little bit of purple or pink.

I hope it won’t take me another 16 months to finish, but it’s a nice project to keep coming back to. :)


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