Plummy Purple Pleasure

I first saw The Knitting Goddess’s 4 ply in semi solid plum when I bought a 10g skein for my sock blanket and I immediately decided that I would have to buy a full skein at some point, it was such a gorgeous colour. Later, when I actually had a skein in front of me I realised that it couldn’t possibly be made into socks. It needed to be shown off as a shawl, stole or scarf.

Many lace patterns later, I found Kernel and had that moment. You know, the one where you see a pattern and know instantly that it’s a perfect match for your yarn? Kernel is a lacey scarf with a little bit of bead work and I knew it would look georgeous in plum.

Kernal Plum Lace scarf

The lace isn’t much to look at right now but you can see the nice variation in the colour. Like several other people who have made this scarf I cast on 39 stitches rather than the 49 in the pattern. Partly because I didn’t want a really wide scarf and partly because I only have 360m of yarn to play with and I want it to go as far as possible. Un-blocked, it measures 6″ wide.

The pattern is fairly easy, at least so far. I have a feeling the grafting part later on might prove to be a little less straightforward. I’ve done grafting before but not on anything that needs to be blocked like lace work does so getting the tension right will require a bit more care. But I have many more lace repeats before I have to worry about that. :)


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