Hot hot hot

I have to admit, I’m really quite chuffed with how my hot water bottle cover turned out. I love to use it! Pretty and soft and toasty warm on a cold night. It’s the perfect companion to take to bed. ;)

New hot water bottle cover

I found it quick to knit but that’s probably because I couldn’t wait to see the design in my head become a finished project. It was always ‘one more round’ or ‘one more pattern repeat’! Even if you’re not as eager as me, I don’t think it would take long to complete and the finishing is very minimal. I avoid sewing things up whenever possible so this is worked almost entirely in the round.

The pattern is almost written up, which I know I’ve said before but it turns out my notes on the neck opening aren’t as clear as I thought they would be when I wrote them a few weeks ago. I’m also going to include some tips and some guidelines on sizing as I doubt everyone will have the same sized hot water bottle as me. Then I shall turn it over into the capable hands of the testers. :)


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