Before, During and After in the Snow

I have a pretty finished project to show off today so this is a rather photo heavy post. The Kernel scarf I’ve been working on for the past week is finished, blocked and now draped around my neck! I really enjoyed the pattern, it’s very clearly written so anyone who can do basic lace stitches will be able to cope with this. The only mods I made were to cast on fewer stitches (39st) and do two extra repeats of the Kernel lace chart. I was concerned about yardage as I only had 360m (100g) of yarn but I finished with ~26g to spare (which will go into my sock blanket now!) :)

Pre-blocking, my ugly duckling measured 6″ wide and 45″ long:


I didn’t block it too hard, I wanted to open up the lace but also ensure it had enough density to be warm. I blocked it out to 6.5″ wide and 67″ long:


Then I had some fun with my camera. :)



It snowed a little last night and is still snowing on and off today but in between the showers it’s lovely and bright and I managed to get a couple of good pictures.


Yes, I know. There’s no snow on the beach tree leaves, it had already melted by the time I got outside, but look here’s some snow!


Finally, for those on Ravelry who are interested, my Ravelry project page is here.


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