Bakti, Baktus’, Baktuser…

…whatever the plural of Baktus actually is, I have them.

The first one is in Fyberspates Space Dyed Sock Yarn in the colour Moss:

Baktus #1

I love how this yarn knitted up, it’s lovely and scrunchy and so warm. Plus, the colours look a lot better now than they did in the skein.

As there was only 300m of yarn it’s not a very large scarf, it’s more than enough to go round my neck but to tie it would be a little bit tight and I didn’t really like the look of that anyway. So I dug out the pattern for a flower from issue 36 of Rowan magazine, stuck a button in the middle, a pin on the back and voilĂ , a pretty broche:

Pretty baktus #1 flower

I really enjoyed the simple don’t-have-to-pay-attention knitting so I decided to make another Baktus, this time to go with my gloves and headwarmer that I’d knit using Twilleys of Stamford Freedom Spirit. Since I made the headwarmer using Calorimetry which is a ribbed pattern, I decided to make the Baktus ribbed too. So the pattern became:

Row 1: K1, yo (k2tbl for decreases), k to end
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Purl
Row 4: Knit

Ribby Baktus

I have a love/hate relationship with this yarn. It has such gorgeous colours but it’s so loosely plied and it seems to unply itself even further as I knit. Very frustrating, especially when I stop to twist it up again and the yarn has unplied so much that it just breaks. However, I should point out that I made my Calorimetry with this yarn held double and I didn’t have that problem. In fact that Calorimetry has been worn LOTS and shoved unceremoniously into countless bags and pockets and it has shown hardly any wear; it’s amazing.

And for the final touch, here is pretty button flower take two:

Ribby Baktus flower



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