Sew Far So Good

I’m not a person who sews, but I’d like to be. I think it’ll complement my knitting nicely, probably even make me a better knitter and I really like the idea that I can finish a sewing project far quicker than a knitted one.

The best bit is that I can start sewing without having to spend a fortune, the sewing machine was bought with birthday money and most of my sewing supplies (including fabric) have been inherited from my nannys. I know both of them would like that I’m putting their supplies to good use and learning to sew and there’s also something really nice about using notions passed down from grandparents.

Here is my shiny sewing machine:

Shiny Sewing Machine

Gratuitous close up:

Close up

And here are my materials for the day:


I’m planning on making the bucket bag in the May issue of Sewing World (I got a free 3 month subscription to the magazine with my sewing machine). It’s fairly simple and would probably make a good bag for knitting projects so with a bit of luck tomorrow I’ll show you the fruits of my labour (but it’ll probably be more like evidence of how much I need to learn). But we all have to start somewhere and I’m feeling pretty good about my starting point. :)


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