Not Sew Good

It’s not easy learning to sew. My first seam looked like this:

Wonky Stitches

That got unpicked swiftly! Thankfully it didn’t take me long to figure out how to do neat, straight(ish) seams.

Other things I’ve learnt:

1. Checking your tension is as important in sewing as it is in knitting.

2. Pretty stitches are pretty cool.

Pretty Stitches

But they take 10 times as long to unpick!

3. The Sewing World pattern is not a good one. Not because it’s difficult because it is full of errors. A 30cm circle does not have a circumference of 107cm (30cm x Pi =95cm, and you can’t tell me the 12cm difference is the seam allowance), and if you cut a rectangle to be the same length as the circumference you will not have enough fabric because you need a seam allowance. I could be missing something as I’m a beginner but I doubt it.

I won’t mention all the other wrong numbers.

I wish I had pictures of a bag to show you but I’ve had to unpick several times and haven’t quite achieved it. I hope to have something better to show you tomorrow.


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