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Over at the Knitting Goddess (and Gods) group on Ravelry, there’s a tonne of Wimbledon themed fun courtesy of the lovely moderators. Amongst other things, there’s a quiz (of which I knew no answers but I think my mum might have done rather well) and a knit a long which is similar to the knitting olympics with various events.

I’ve entered the ‘Short Volley’ category (for Socks, Stockings, Slippers, Bootees, Leg Warmers) and I’m planning on using my semi solid gold yarn to design some lacy socks for summer.

Semi Solid Gold

I’m tempted to make them knee-high (I seem to want make all my socks knee-high at the moment, not sure why) but I think that might be a bit too much to do in a fortnight. Since I’m doing them toe-up I can see how it goes and decide later. I’m also going to challenge myself to write the pattern up within the two weeks.

I’ve been swatching

More swatching

and swatching


and even more swatching

Even more swatching

and now that I think I’ve decided on a design I can’t wait to start! Which swatch do you think I’ll have gone for? Pictures coming soon!


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