Wimblelympic Socks

I’m just past the heel on my Wimblelympic socks (confused? Look here to find out about the Wimblelympics.)

They are turning out perfectly so far! I’m very pleased with them. I love the colour, the stitch pattern and the speed its knitting up with. I have just 62 stitches on the needles which stretches nicely to open up the lace and is a lot less than my normal 68+ stitches I usually have for socks. Add that to the fact that every other round is only knitting and you get very speedy knitting!


The little details are what I think really make this sock shine, like this motif on the gusset:


I figured there was no real reason to leave the gussets plain so I embellished them, the motif is one I used as a leg detail on my Embellishing the Colour socks (which is a free Ravelry download if you want to use it yourself).


I’m still a little shy of halfway through my 50g ball of yarn so the knee high socks are looking more likely. I’ve added a little cable detail running up the back of the leg which will look great if I decide to add calf increases. Can you tell how proud I am of these socks? They’re going so smoothly that’s I’m half expecting something to go wrong soon. Maybe the problems are going to come when I write the pattern up… I haven’t started that yet! :)


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