A Royale Month

Some people write 50,000 words in November while others try and knit 50,000 stitches. I can’t remember where I first heard of this, probably somewhere on Ravelry. I think it originated from knitgrrl.com who declared November National Sweater Knitting Month back in 2006 (please correct me if I’m wrong!)

I decided Royale (Ravelry link) would be a good pattern to attempt this feat of knitting with, and happily I already had some yarn in my stash that would be perfect. I started November 1st and I’m now about halfway done with the body and 16,328 stitches into my 50,000.

Royale Cables

The knitting is very engaging and the twisted stitches and cables are lovely, I couldn’t wait to see the first patten repeat appear!

Unfortunately, I do have an issue with 2 extra stitches, I don’t know why I have them and I can’t figure out where I could have made a mistake or missed an instruction. It may be a mistake in the pattern but considering I’ve already had to rip out the cuff after doing all the cables in the same direction I’m not ruling out user error yet. At the moment I’m ignoring them and I’ll probably just do a couple fewer increases at the bust to line up with the pattern.

I’m enjoying the yarn (Rowan RYC Cashsoft Aran), it’s soft and a lovely deep purple that the picture doesn’t do justice to. I got it on sale and didn’t read the yarn page on Ravelry before I bought it, I’ve since found out that it tends to pill quite a bit but I’m hoping the tight cables and twisted stitches will help tame that. So far so good. My only complaint is that I’ve had 2 knots out of 4 balls which isn’t great, I expect better standards for the price of this yarn.

As it’s over halfway through the month and I’m no where near even half the stitches I probably won’t hit 50,000. I’m not even sure if the pattern has 50,000 stitches as I didn’t thoroughly check it before I started, but I’ll see what I get up to. I’m reasonably confident I should at least be able to finish the jumper by the end of the month.

Either way, there’ll always be next year and I’ll make a note to pick something with substantial amounts of stocking stitch!

16328 / 50000 stitches. 32% done!


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