A Beautiful Machine

On Wednesday I spotted a beautiful vintage sewing machine on ebay. The colour was what first caught my attention, its truely gorgeous. Luckily, I won the auction and this arrived yesterday:

Teal blue metallic shininess

It’s a Cooper Sewing Machine and unfortunately I haven’t managed to find out anything about them the internet. I’ve found a company called Cooper Sewing Machines that was established in 1903 and I’m assuming they made it, but it doesn’t seem like they produce their own machines any more. Their website has barely anything about the history of the company so I might shoot an email off to them to see if they can shed any light. It seems to me that it might be 1950s or 1960s?

The seller was fantastic, it couldn’t have arrived quicker and was so carefully and expertly packed. It is in impeccable condition with very minimal wear and tear and have I mentioned the lovely colour already? Plus, it’s been serviced and is completely ready to go!


Look how shiny everything is! It has a stitch regulator with dial system, reverse-sewing, drop-feed for embroidery and darning and a self-adjusting bobbin winder.


The underside of the machine is just as shiny. This is a very well looked after machine.

Tin of accessories and it's slot

The tin of accessories sits in the slide slot.


Inside the tin I got several threads (which I wasn’t expecting!) and a few feet and bobbins. Took me a while to identify the adjustable seam guide as I hadn’t seen one of them before but the rest of them are in the handbook. I’m going enjoy using this machine so much! :)


9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Machine

    1. nativestarknits Post author

      Thanks! I posted this in the vintage sewing machine group on Ravelry and they think it’s a Japanese machine based on a Singer model 15. Japan manufactured them and then the importers would stick their name on it – in this case Coopers. Still working on narrowing down a date.

  1. Mrs B

    I have just been given an almost identical version of this sewing machine. Mine is the same colour and the condition’s also great but I don’t have a manual and can’t any information on the web. I have a plug in foot pedal too.

    I’m completely new to sewing so I’d be very grateful if you could let me know if you were able to find any information that you could share with me.


  2. Lynn

    I have just inherited one via my husband, it was his Mother’s. Same colour but yet to clean it up & see if its working or not. BUT am lacking booklet :-(
    It’s mechanics are very similar to a Singer – apart from the top threading and side thread tension dial (which is at the side on early Singer machines) – so will require some thought as to how to thread the machine so hope I can work it out!
    Otherwise it is a Singer copy – solid and well built and should sew a wide variety of fabrics
    FYI – You can add a motor – you just take off the hand-crank and slot on the motor and hands free sewing!
    If you find out any more about it – please let me know!

  3. Sally

    I’ve just received a later version, two tone, and would love any information or a manual! Mine has a foot pedal, is in amazing condition, and says it’s a model 8 eight (sic). Any clues?

    1. nativestarknits Post author

      I know there’s a Model 8 that is based on a Singer Model 27, other than that I don’t know. What colours is yours? If it helps any, I could take a picture of the pages of my manual, it may not be the same machine but it might be similar enough to help you.

      1. Sally

        I would really appreciate it if you could take pix of your manual – I need help with the bobbin winder. My machine is teal and turquoise, and it is electric. I could send you a pic if you like. I’m still envying the tin with all the stuff that came with yours! I’ll check out the Singer model you mention.


      2. nativestarknits Post author

        Sounds lovely, by all means send a pic, I love seeing beautiful sewing machines! I did get quite lucky with my machine and all the bits and bobs it came with. I’ll dig out the manual and photo the pages.

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