Help Me with My Christmas Sewing?

Last year I bought some Christmas fabrics with the intention of making some decorations and/or cards from them. Well, you know what they say about good intentions. I only managed to get part of a heart decoration done as I struggled to get the zigzag stitching neat enough for my perfectionist ways and eventually abandoned it to go back to my knitting.

This year though, I am determined to finish that heart and do something with my other pieces of fabric. So I’m dusting off the machine and having a day of stitching on Saturday.

Can anyone recommend me some ideas and/or tutorials on Christmas sewing? I’d love to have a go at some patchwork with the little squares but I don’t know of any easy projects other than a mini quilt? I’d also love to see any pictures of decorations you’ve made yourselves!

As a thank you and to celebrate the start of the festive season and my day of Christmas sewing I’m also planning on running a special promotion on my patterns on Saturday. This will be exclusive to readers of my blog and my twitter followers so make sure you check back here Saturday!

Christmas stuff


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