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My weekend bag is finally finished! It took a few more days than I was expecting but I got there in the end.


It’s the first project I’ve made using my sewing machine and while it’s not perfect it’s really not that bad either. There are only a few wonky seams and I’ll probably sew the handles on again neater at some point but the main point of this project was to learn and that was a complete success.

I’ve practiced doing bias binding, interfacing, seams and getting the tension right amongst other things. Plus, I can now change threads and wind bobbins without looking up the instructions. Oh, and I’ve learnt it’s a good idea to check the pockets before you sew things together, before you do something silly like sew the liner in upside down…

I’m planning to use the bag for my knitting, I can use it as a stash basket or alternatively it will easily hold everything I need for a WIP (or two!). There’s 8 balls of yarn underneath the WIP in the picture below and still room to spare!

Inside the bag

I put pockets on the inside and outside as the bag is reversible although I’m probably going to keep it patterned side out. There’s also an additional mini pocket on one side.

Handy pockets with pretty needles

The worst of the wonky stitches was on the handles as I struggled to keep it straight whilst sewing with the bulk of the bag. I’m quite pleased with the handles themselves though.

Wonky stitches

I’ve got so much more to learn but I think that’s a pretty good start! :)


Now I need to decide what to make next…