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Frugal(ish) Shopping Trip

I only intended to buy a magazine and some stiffener today. I didn’t go overboard but a closing down sale and a bargain bin meant I got a little bit more and best of all it came to just under £15. :)

Frugal(ish) Shopping Trip

I have lots of interesting projects planned with these. From the left:

  • Stiffener for a bag I’m going to try to make at the weekend.

  • Sunflower yellow dye for some sock yarn. (I wanted white yarn but what I unknowingly ordered was un-dyed off-white, rather than return it I decided it would be sacrificed to my first attempts at dying).

  • Ribbon for finishing off my Ambrosia cardigan.

  • Sparkly black thread! I probably would have bought it anyway as I love anything black and sparkly but I do actually have a project planned based on some artwork I saw at The Forum last week. I’ll tell you about it when it becomes less awesome idea and more awesome reality.

  • Teeeeeny tiny hook for placing beads in knitting.

  • Homestyle sewing magazine, lots of interesting projects inside and came with the materials to make a red spotty bag. I don’t think I’ll be doing the one printed inside, but I like the generous 50x100cm of material to play with.
  • That lot should keep me busy for a little while… :)


    Glitter With a Side of Knitting

    Pretty Baubles

    Only 25p each!  They were a part of a mangled, jumbled up heap at the bottom of a bin but with a bit of gentle TLC they were returned to their bauble shape.  Currently, they’re adding a bit of sparkly colour to my bedroom as there are no trees in the house yet (but they might just stay here anyway!)

    On a similar festive note I watched ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Christmas‘ last night which is also on again tonight and tomorrow.  I loved ‘Kirstie’s Homemade House’ so I’ve been looking forward to this and it didn’t let me down. From blowing your own glass baubles to making Christmas wreaths to making salt dough ornaments with children. It doesn’t show you step-by-step how to do something but will inspire you to have a go, find a class or google a craft.

    I find it annoying that the show portrays the idea of homemade being cheap (it can be sometimes but not often).  But I love Kirstie’s quirky character, her enthusiasm is contagious and I find the show full of inspiration. :)

    My knitting is fairly monogamous at the moment which means the sock from my last post is nearly finished.  I’m really pleased with how well it’s turned out, photos will be coming soon!