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Brighton Spoils

Last week I was in Brighton for the weekend and of course I couldn’t resist popping into a yarn shop. I visited Purl, a small shop brimming with yarn, a good selection of books and (when I was there) a lot of excitable children! They were just finishing up a crafting session and it was clear the kids had thoroughly enjoyed it.

I walked away with these goodies:

Yarn and Book from Purl Brighton

The yarn (Austermann Alpaca Silk) is a gorgeous deep purple colour. It’s very soft with a lovely sheen, just what you’d expect from an 80% alpaca and 20% silk blend. It’s probably a good job they only had two purple left, otherwise I might have bought even more. I’m thinking it will make a good a cowl/neckwarmer…

The book is Make Do and Mend, a collection of official second world war instruction leaflets. Some of the advice is still relevent today, especially the advice on cutting down waste and recycling more. I find it interesting how the war affected almost every aspect of daily life in one way or another and I like the character of Mrs. Sew and Sew who (unsurprisingly) gives sewing and knitting advice and tells you to “Never send a hole to the wash!” or “Smarten up your men!”

There’s some tips I’ll try, like switching the sleeves on a jumper so they wear evenly and last longer but I don’t think I’ll be following the advice of reinforcing my knickers! It’s perfect for the coffee table and you can easily read a leaflet (or two) whenever you have a few spare minutes.