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Graceful Chartwell

I finished this a while ago but only got around to blocking it this last weekend. It didn’t need a lot of blocking but it has sorted out the edges, opened it up a bit and it now drapes lovely rather than laying like a fluffy cloud.


I have a lovely monochrome flower print dress that I think it’ll look fantastic with. I’m thinking it’ll work both as a wrap for fancy evenings out or as a scarf for a bit of luxury during the day.


The yarn is Rowan Kid Silk Haze in the colour Ghost which I was lucky enough to find with 10% off. I love Kid Silk Haze, it has great colours and is so soft with such a lovely sheen. In my opinion, there’s no other yarn that can match it*. The only downside is that it sheds a lot. I could probably have spun some mohair yarn with the amount that came out of my project bag at the end!


Chartwell is a pretty straightforward pattern. It starts from the long end with a daunting 263st to cast on. But it gets better from there with decreases every other row although it takes a while before it actually feels like its going faster! I did have just one gripe with the pattern, it has one of the smallest charts I’ve ever seen! It’s not an incredibly complex or intricate pattern so it didn’t need every stitch for the first 66 rows to be printed out, a box marking the pattern repeat would have sufficed.

Overall, I enjoyed knitting it but I’ll enjoy wearing it even more!


*Debbie Bliss has recently bought out Angel, a yarn with very similar fibre content. I’ve squidged it in a shop but I haven’t tried it as I’m not so keen on the colours.


Before, During and After in the Snow

I have a pretty finished project to show off today so this is a rather photo heavy post. The Kernel scarf I’ve been working on for the past week is finished, blocked and now draped around my neck! I really enjoyed the pattern, it’s very clearly written so anyone who can do basic lace stitches will be able to cope with this. The only mods I made were to cast on fewer stitches (39st) and do two extra repeats of the Kernel lace chart. I was concerned about yardage as I only had 360m (100g) of yarn but I finished with ~26g to spare (which will go into my sock blanket now!) :)

Pre-blocking, my ugly duckling measured 6″ wide and 45″ long:


I didn’t block it too hard, I wanted to open up the lace but also ensure it had enough density to be warm. I blocked it out to 6.5″ wide and 67″ long:


Then I had some fun with my camera. :)



It snowed a little last night and is still snowing on and off today but in between the showers it’s lovely and bright and I managed to get a couple of good pictures.


Yes, I know. There’s no snow on the beach tree leaves, it had already melted by the time I got outside, but look here’s some snow!


Finally, for those on Ravelry who are interested, my Ravelry project page is here.