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Aims and Goals

I’ve decided to try and finish the socks on the my needles this month. I have 3 and currently they look like this:

3 Socks on the Needles

The orange socks are my Rick socks.
The purple and black are my Gothic Anastasia Delight socks.
The grey pair are my Bootiful socks (aka Rhiannon Socks.)

It might be a bit amibitious as I’ll need to finish a sock every 4.3 days but it’s doable and by rotating which pair I’m working on I’ll stave off Second Sock Syndrome. I may make it even more doable by frogging the Rhiannon socks. It turns out the yarn (Zettl Sockenwolle Treviso) is not superwash like it says on the label and apparently felts easily. I don’t mind have a pair of handwash socks, but if they’re going to felt quickly with normal wear then I’d rather make socks that aren’t as time consuming and pretty as Rhiannon. I’ll see how a small swatch fairs and let you know.

I’ve also been reassessing my New Years Resolutions. I set myself Eight Knitting Resolutions which works out to two every three months, so I’ve picked out two to finish by the end of March:

1. Write up and publish a pattern for sale. Also, spend more time writing up patterns in general.
I’ve spent more time writing up patterns. I’ve got a pattern test knitted and almost ready for release. So I think I will be able to tick this one off by the end of March.

3. Blog regularly(ish).
There’s been a couple of ‘ish’ spots since January but on the whole I think I’ve already achieved this one. :)


Roll On Rick

After a tonne of stocking stitch knitting and ripping heels multiple times I decided my next sock needed to be something both easier and more challenging . Something with interesting stitches and a pattern where all I had to do was follow the instructions.

My copy of Sock Innovation is due back at the library soon so I figured now was the time to start on the Rick socks I had earmarked my bright orange yarn for.

Progress so far:
The Leg

The pattern is easily adjustable so to accommodate my 9″ foot I’ve added on an extra pattern repeat and cast on 72 stitches. The first couple of chart repeats I had to take on a bit of faith. It seemed strange to me to not have a plain round between the decrease and YO round but after checking I was reading the chart right I just blindly followed it and sure enough the pattern began to emerge.

The YO increases at the end of each repeat looked a bit messy to me, especially when compared to the ones between the ssk decreases. When you ktbl in a YO it twists the YO closed, I figured that had to be the problem so I’m knitting each one now and it looks a lot better. However, I’m not going to rip back the repeats I’ve already done, no one is going to notice a slight difference in an inch of sock that is probably going to spend much of it’s time inside of my jeans!

I spent a bit of time today trying to figure out the heel turn, I wasn’t sure how to size up Cookie A’s instructions for 60 stitches into 72 stitches. Then I remembered that this was supposed to be an easy pattern where I just followed someone elses instructions and as long as the stitches aligned for the foot chart did it really matter what number of stitches I used?

I’ve decided it doesn’t. I’m doing my heel flap over 36st and I’m going to work the foot chart with 2 stitches either side in plain stocking stitch.

Keep an eye out. My next post will probably be titled: Yes, it does matter.