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Knitting Resolutions

1. Write up and publish a pattern for sale. Also, spend more time writing up patterns in general.
2. Laceweight shawl. I can cope with 4ply shawls no problem but for some reason 2ply yarn is that much harder for me. Maybe bamboo needles will help? Anyone have any other advice?
3. Blog regularly(ish).
4. Entrelac
5. Learn to use my sewing machine.
6. Double knitting.
7. Dye yarn.
8. Steeking something.

I was going for 10 resolutions because that’s a nice round number, but I couldn’t remember anymore things I’d put on my mental ‘to-do’ list and to be honest, 8 is enough for now. I’ll see come June how many I’ve ticked off and re-assess.

I think I might also do a monthly theme. January’s will be ”Finish Your WIP’s”, which will tie in nicely with my pledge to not buy more yarn for at least a month (a result of taking advantage of the John Lewis sales). This may be a rather unrealistic challenge but I’ll give it a go. I’ve finished one thing (almost) already and cast on two others but that’s neither here nor there…